There are two types of synchronicity that influence me. I know they don’t fit standard definitions, but thinking of this word in this way is helpful for me.

The first is being one with time. I’m thinking of time here like a an ocean wave: If I’m thinking about what might happen, I’m sitting on my board watching the wave come to me. If I miss the wave, I’m seeing it roll past me towards the beach.

Thinking about future time and past time is not the thing. Catching the present moment and being absorbed into it is. Riding the wave of the present.

It has a million words to describe it: zen spirit, being In-the-zone, mindfulness, etc. for me, it is helpful to think of it as synchronicity.

The method is to perceive, understand, and direct your body without words or concepts. Yoga is directed towards this, meditation– anything considered meditative. The banjo player lost in the jam; the logician absorbed in creative solutions. In everyday moments. Wrapping a blanket around your feet after bone chilling walk home.

It is not wanting, not stressing. It’s almost as if you are a stranger to your body, but at the same time more in tune with it. Synchronicity comes in such stops and starts that it creates fanatical seekers on racquetball courts, Aikido Dojo’s, chess clubs.

You occasionally see people who spend most of their time in this way, and they have an easy kindness, capable people.

The second synchronicity

This can only be achieved after much time in the first.

Being lucky in the flow of time. Those lucky coincidences that make people tilt their heads a little. It’s riding the wave of time that connects you to the larger universal movements.

And here you notice things that others don’t. You turn failures and bad breaks into opportunities. You just happen to be standing at the door when someone comes to post a job announcement.

You don’t dwell on these things. You definitely don’t go looking for them, because that would be past and future time all over again, and you’d fall off your board as the wave passes you by.

And the only goal is to spend a little more time in the first synchronicity. The second comes on its own timetable.

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