The first thing you’ve got to understand if you want to make a million dollars is Pistachio Butter.

Nash Mittleton is the expert around here. The first thing he does after churning the Pistachio Butter is walk in it a little, making sure he gets it between his toes. Then he lies in the grass and lets the goats, calves, ponies, cats and dogs, lick his feet clean.


Nash sits in a meditative position early in the morning before he gets started.

(His sisters think he’s crazy)

Nash uses all his muscles, in an even steady quiet way… all day long. Nash eats good and sleeps even better.


Nash will never earn a million dollars.



But Marcus Jay Hamilton did. First thing he did was write the words, Faster, Cheaper, Better on everything he looked at. Until he came up with the machinery to make so many barrels of MJH’s Pistachio Butter that he couldn’t possibly eat them all, or even give them away.

He found himself a Marketing Team from the Brunelli School of Beauty and Style.

He set up a command center to oversee distribution.

He had a team of lawyers to deal with crazies.

And he stopped referring to Pistachio Butter as Pistachio Butter. It is now units of economic power.

Meanwhile Nash Mittleton taught his children how to let the goats lick their feet.

Marcus Jay Hamilton met famous and powerful people.

He would visit whole states and even countries without stepping barefoot on the grass. He ate bad and slept even worse.

He was sick. Inside him was like a bird in a small cage, a fish in a sewer, a cat in a closet… all trying to get out at once. He had to spend a lot of his economic power units  to see a special doctor for the mind.


The Doctor sent him to the Nash Mittleton Pistachio Butter Meditation School. To practice early morning meditation, hours of hard hand churning, and afternoons of feet licking lying in the grass.


Nash Mittleton and Marcus Jay Hamilton became friends.


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